Purpose of California Burrito

California Burrito is India’s best and favourite Mexican fast food chain making it the ultimate destination for Mexican food in India. California Burrito is a Mexican fast casual restaurant that offers fresh, wholesome & great tasting food that is sourced sustainably. The menu at California Burrito includes burritos, rice bowls, tacos, salads and nachos in a “make-it-yourself” format inspired by the small burrito shops in San Francisco. Over the past 7 years, California Burrito has successfully scaled up to 37 outlets across India, making it one of the fastest growing Mexican food chains in Asia. While growing, California Burrito has also launched many innovative products, particularly in flavours ranging from our famous BBQ paneer and BBQ chicken to our newly launched chipotle chicken and crispy mushroom. Our aim is to be the most loved, most sustainable and best fast-food chain in India

Started in 2012 by 3 Americans, California Burrito was featured in the Wall Street Journal about bringing the burrito to Asia. Founder Bert Mueller is from Maryland and loves all types of salads, Dharam Khalsa is from Washington DC with family in CA and loves rice bowls. Gaelan Connell is from New York and loves burritos. Before founding California Burrito, Gaelan Connnell was the star of many Hollywood movies including Bandslam and the TV show LevelUp. Know more

Best online Mexican food for Delivery

California Burrito is one of India’s earliest pioneers in online food delivery. We conceived and launched our official online order food delivery website in 2013. We have come a long way since then and California Burrito is available on all meal delivery services, such as Swiggy, Zomato, Dunzo, and order.californiaburrito.in. California Burrito is a favorite for healthy online food delivery because home delivery is fast and it is so easy for customers to customise their meals exactly how they like it. With California Burrito’s all-new contactless delivery and takeaway website now launched, California Burrito is definitely the best takeout near you!

Exceptional Quality at Affordable Prices

The value and variety offered in the California Burrito menu is astonishing. Customers can have a few great meals customized in thousands of ways. California Burrito food options are perfect for lunch or dinner, whether it is a Mexican rice bowl or vegan burritos or loaded nachos. And best of all, guacamole made fresh daily!

Best Rice bowls and Salad Bowls

California Burrito is famous for our signature bowls. Customers have the choice between black beans, pinto beans, fajita veggies, tomato salsa, sweet corn, jalapenos, cheese and sour cream to keep their bowl company. These include our rice bowls and salad bowls. From vegetarian Mexican bowls to vegetable salads and chicken Salads, California Burrito has the biggest range of bowls in India and many people consider California Burrito as a salad specialist with so many types of salads. Many customers love our crispy mushroom salads with salsa, corn and avocado. We only use fresh lettuce from Ooty in our salads which is crispy and freshly picked.

Large Burrito Wraps and Mexican Tacos

The tortilla, which is a thin Mexican “roti” is used to create our popular dish, the burrito. California Burrito uses tortillas made from highest quality refined wheat flour and corn flour. The corn flour is processed using the nixtamalization process where the corn is soaked and cooked in an alkaline solution and then washed. Lastly, the corn hulls are removed and the rich corn is dried and then ground into flour. Many people in India have had tacos in Mexico or the USA. For some, their first taco was the “taco mexicana” from dominos pizza. Tacos are a classic mexican street food staple which is also enjoyed at home for breakfast, lunch dinner or snacks. California Burrito has a wide range of options in tacos, with both soft flour tacos and crispy corn tacos. The newly launched Taco Squad promotion highlights the flavours and exciting toppings which allows the customer to indulge in the mexican street food experience.

Nachos with Queso (Liquid Cheese) and Cheese Quesdillas

One of the favorite dishes in India is loaded Nachos, full of corn nacho chips with dip, topped with liquid cheese also known as “queso.” We serve both corn nachos and wheat nachos to cater to the Indian palette. One aspect that makes nachos so tasty is the nachos cheese which adds richness to the dish. Cheese being a favourite food, we also serve quesadillas which are tortillas filled with cheese and then grilled to perfection. Customers may choose to add grilled veggies, chicken, beans and many more fresh vegetarian toppings.

Specially Grown Tomatillos and HOMEMADE Chipotle in Adobo

Mexican food is rich with special ingredients developed over generations. Tomatillos are like baby tomatoes wearing husk jackets. The originate from Mexico where they are a popular ingredient in making salsa due to their unique flavour which is a delectable combination of tart and citrusy and brightens up any dish. California Burrito has specially tied up with farmers to grow this ingredient so customers in India can enjoy this authentic salsa taste. For the past 8 years we have worked to develop the famous and special CHIPOTLE IN ADOBO sauce which is prized for its rich spicy flavor with smoky undertones. With freshly grown jalapenos which are dried and smoked, then pickled in special adobo sauce, these rich mexican flavours make our food so unique.

Bringing Hass Avocados from California to India

The greatest topping to keep our bowl company is guacamole. Our signature guacamole is made with Avocado, a superfood that goes by many names including the name “Butterfruit". In fact, we love guacamole so much we imported Hass avocado trees from California to grow in Coorg and Kodaikanal with local farmers. This is the first Hass Avocado plantation in India. We are excited to launch our Hass avocado guacamole in 2022.

Food For All Diets

California burrito’s make-it-yourself customisable format is perfect for all customers on a diet because it allows customers to choose exactly the nutrition they desire. For customers on a diet, customers concerned about health and fitness, meals such as low carb, high protein and paleo, California Burrito is perfect any time. Many California Burrito customers have told us they have lost weight by focusing their diet plan and only selecting nutritious ingredients that match their lifestyle. For customers visiting a gym regularly, they choose protein rich toppings, opting for double portions, and consider what food they need pre-workout. We have special sections on meal delivery platforms allowing for customisation of vegan, paleo, keto and much more.